15 August 2011

Gibson Les Paul Custom,Look a like?Replica?What ever makes you happy

Owner came in says "The real one cost nearly 20K so Not a word from you Yus,I bought this for RM1500 and got another RM1500 to blow on your bench,tell me what to buy and be honest about it!!"

with such authority gesture coming from him,you don't argue..haha you just say "Well how about putting them Gibby pickups,pots,toggle switch,switchcraft output jack,bone nut,machine heads,knobs.bridge,saddle etc..

He replied"Are you crazy Yus??electronics and bone nut would be just fine,call me when its done"

"Okay got you sir"


Ijau D. Koceng said...

hey bro, can u list down the total cost(s) of this project? pickups, pots, knobs, nut, switch, bridge, wiring, service charge, etc... thanks

YusTech said...

Sure Bro.
I could couldn't find the bill book(to many of them).Barely by memory.

Gibson Pots RM40x4=RM160.
Gibson Toggle switch RM95.
Gibson 496R neck pickup RM400.
Gibson 500T Bridge pickup RM400.
Switchcraft O/jack RM20.
Bone Nut Rm15.
Bone work RM75.
FSU + minor fretwork,Misc RM200.
Full Fresh wiring RM140.
Total RM1465 after a bit of discount..

Khalid Fadil said...

If this guitar was legit, here's what the serial number would have said:

Made at the Nashville Plant, Tennessee, USA, on March 13th 1996. Production number 443.

YusTech said...

Thanks for the,anyone want info on serial no.check with this person.

Khalid Fadil said...

Thanks for the promo!