18 Nov 2017

Ibanez bridge pole result

I think I left this pole ran for over a year now.At the time Ibanez decided to put the STD DL trem in most standard models.Those very same models that had the Edge Zero II prior.

Glad to know most of us players understood the meaning of quality and functionality.

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Thank you

7 Aug 2017

Elixir strings, what happen to your old chef?

Hey long time no see.I'm busy.

As some or most of you know I'm an Elixir user as well as recommending them to most of my client.To save time or going off topic or even beating the topic to death.You may read my reasons
Alright by now most of us already know or seen the new Elixir pack.Why and what's so special about this pack? Does its exterior have any impact to its content? Well should be No but Yes but I rather elaborate more of the above below.

A few years back I bought a pack of Elixir Nano Web from a shop nearby.As soon I was back in my workshop ready to install it on a client guitar I open the pack and found the 1st high E string missing.The individual envelope or paper bags what ever you may call it  are there but the high E was missing the supposed content.I was like you must effing be kidding me,I mean this is like RM50 in the bin and I have to fork out RM50 for another complete pack.I texts that shop's boss but not a reply given.That's that so I moved on.

I guess no one foresee how unlikely this could happen.I couldn't point who would be the possible culprit but it's either an inside job of the dealer staff or the distributor staff.Ever since then I made it a habit to check the content before parting my money.Just look a the old pack itself.It isn't compromise proof like D'addario,Ernie Ball etc and furthermore I felt uncomfortable myself opening each pack on the counter but I had to,just to be sure everything are there intact.So In short I'm glad Elixir decides to redo its packaging.Aside from the fresh looks,the sealed served its purpose denying anyone trying to do a quick one.Outside Elixir factory at least.

My assumption was the strings itself should remain the same but the one that's in this new pack felt different than before.It's hard for me to explain as all I can say it felt like cheap cheap.The E,B,and G has some abrasiveness and dull looking to it.Is this an isolated cases or did I got the bad one?
I hope it's both.Haha..Off course some of you be asking for pictures or that sort but sorry don't have any as it was a quick string up for a client.Though the difference was felt during tune up but not to the point of saying to my client "Hey this Elixir feels shitty for some reason compared to the old so let's go EB or Daadario shall we and my RM50 spent is no worries mate"

All I can say for now I rather go with the old pack and I don't mind checking the content everytime.At least I know it's all there.I'm reluctant to believe that Elixir has compromise quality over a new fancier secure package but it does seem they did? Congrats is in order.For now I'll look for the old packing till its gone thank you.

Dear Elixir

I hope someone there could look into the matter and I would like to believe or shall I say my client got the one and only dud.I am in no way trying to smear any company.I tell it as I see it.As far I'm concern now,I couldn't care less about its outside.Just don't change the taste.It was fine all along.

Going back to Daddario?I don't know

18 May 2017

Skull String flaw alert?

Hello readers

Guitar restringing process,the string is a new brand.Made in France. Didn't know the french could manufacture strings.It should be pretty simple like all other strings.I been stringing guitars with many brands like Elixir,Daadario,Ernie Ball,Cleartone,Rotosound,Curt Mangan,Kerly Quest and many more I couldn't remember.
For Double Locking Trem I cut it either at the ball end or the other end.It doesn't really matter actually because the diameter or gauge is the same all the way.
After the process is done come tuning time and setup.Suddenly I'm hearing funny dampened tone from the Low E and A string.My thought could be the pickup height so I lowered it.Bad tones still there on both strings only,the rest are fine.
Looking close at the E and A winding seems abnormal as the outside wound should be cover the core tight not stretch.
I looked for instruction on the pack telling consumer to cut at the ball end only but none was found.
I believe this Skull String was flawed from the factory.If you're installing this on a double locking trem be aware at where you cut it.

My thoughts,

Skull string should've wind it tight from start to end of the string.Don't take it out of the machine until the winding process is finish.This could be a propriety technique from Skull itself  but all the brands I've dealt so far don't have this winding flaw hence not seeing another pack of Skull in my workshop it's not a loss.Not a loss at all.Who the fuck are Skull String for me to care about.Last but not least,get your spelling right,Is it Areef not Areet?

Thank you