8 February 2019

Hakko Presto 981

The Hakko 981 has been a reliable tool in the workshop close to nine years now. It has surpassed if not equal my old Goot (something like that) in term of service hours. Yes, Hakko can be crazily expensive looking up their tier but according to me and many online user, Hakko products are value for the money. However I did notice about a brand call Quick coming in as a contender. That’s good for keeping Hakko on their feet on things.
I been delaying this Hakko 981 tip replacement for some years now. Not that I don't have the spare, I do but I never thought the retaining sleeve would be stuck to the worn out tip too. I must have broken some soldering rules somewhere.
 Both replaced and looks good as new (until you plug it in of course).
I was a Goot user before I switched to Hakko. Both are very good brand but in the real world, I measure a brand quality by the 5P, those are (PRICE, PERFORMANCE, PRACTICALITY, PERSEVERANCE and PARTS). Any company without those will be my last option.

Thank you