21 Jan 2017

Thanks a lot bro,you broke my Prestige pickup??

A big part of my setup service includes cleaning the guitar/bass/amps/pedals including the hardware.This would also mean cleaning the pickups poles but sometime very little could be done as the oxide surrounding the slug is to thick.
Now this Ibanez SV5470 single coil rust looks beyond normal as if someone dipped it in sea water to make it look 100 years old.No worries I'll do something about it.Nothing but a file would do it.
The pickup cover was hard to detach than usual.Ibanez wouldn't dab some locktite under there but it does seems like it.Well at first.
As I carefully try to dislodge it on both sides,the cover popped out TOGETHER with the SLUGS!!!!! oh dear what am I to tell the owner.Shit I meant no harm!!Even if I were to buy a replacement,it'll be impossible to buy this Ibanez SGC01S24D3.Yep I have Googled.

While feeling in deep shit I thought I took a close look at the pickup slugs.I knew I was very very very careful at it earlier but what did exactly happened?
The breaks looks perfectly clean on all slug.Wow my technique must be so good that I broke 5 like katana through butter!(consoling myself of course.Haha).
But then rationally that's impossible to do by hand.Looking at all the break spots I saw some glue residue.Wow!these slugs are actually two piece.The top piece is some sort of a very strong magnet.Must be some kind of Neodymium properties.It was also dipped in chrome and the chrome was expanding due to the oxidation process.I'm unsure which one rust first either the magnet or the plating.I think the rust expand and stuck to the pickup cover holes.That's why it's hard to take off.PANIC'S GONE!.This is very new to me that I don't see this in any normal single coil(not in my lifetime).Must be a breakthrough from Ibanez pickup R&D.I don't think this pickup(s) is/are made in Japan.Looks Korean.Anyway I'm not good in explaining the difference between Alnico,Ceramic and this Ibanez style.Hence I made a drawing.Forgive the size as I'm no expert in IT stuff.

So I guess there's something to be learn from this accident.Ordered the magnets online,will be here in few days time but which polarity should be up? North or South? And each Humbucker has eight wires!O o in triple shit now.

See you in part II


20 Jan 2017

Ibanez EJK1000

 I love tools especially when it comes from the manufacturer and it's for their product.I bought the old Ibanez IA-L back in 99.The price was RM90 each.I was told I should buy 6 unit of it.I said no thanks,,I need only one but come to think about it I should have bought 6.These could collectible one day who knows.Haha

Though I did get by just fine on most Trem setup work with just two hex keys but it's handy to have around something made for the job especially involving the Lo-Pro Edge.

20 years later,I never thought that Ibanez would reinvent and improved the old IA-L to be one of the nicest tool for the trade.I have to say Ibanez has done a fantastic job.I also notice they are quiet serious in the accessory sector like they were in the 90's. Although the offerings are not as broad to the tiniest screws like the 80's but I have to give Ibanez a thumbs up for its current effort.Other than improving the trade its also serves as brand marketing.I don't know any company that does this other than Ibanez.Two thumbs up.

They are two more things I hope to get from Ibanez this year.One is the IFC-1000 fret cleaner(does it really work?) and any one set of Prestige Nut File Set.Keep up the good work Ibanez!

We who peruse your catalog from the back.

18 Jan 2017

Jackson DK2M

I am Jackson player but I have to admit I had lost a significant amount of info about this brand since 10 years ago.I had work for a music shop at the time and we did carry some Jackson but those are the old ones or what left of it since 2000.There were some Professional Series,Performer(Koreans then Japan for a short while before they stop) and a couple of San Dimas standard and a Dinky USA.

At that time Jackson was a hard brand push as given the fact that after 90's the heavy metal genre were pulverised by Nirvana and later Nu Metal.I couldn't understand this Nu Metal music.What are they? Who are he? Were they lemonade gangsters before this? First of all the guitar work that was in most of this Nu Metal are unlike anything I heard before.They shout all the time and I couldn't catch the phrases.These are not the angry rocker teens we know of.They are obnoxious kids with incomprehensible lyrics. I didn't buy their music so I'm guessing on this one.Anyway the rhythm do not stay on through the whole song enough and it's always get interrupted by the DJ work and Rap like vocal melody.By the way who allowed DJ's and Rapper's to be in guitar bands in the first place? and did you know it's impossible to recreate that DJ sound on a guitar. I lied to my students that in order to get that 3 mili second freak screeching sound,they have to buy 10 to 20 stomp boxes,all turned to 11 and all turned on at the same time.Then the question never come again after..haha

During that time I always had this feeling of dumbness and emptiness when I had to teach this Nu Metal to my students.But it was the music of that time and we had to ride the Nu Metal train,It's for the shop's revenue of course.

Some years after Nu Metal passed away,I finally figured out the good side of this poser metal genre.Before I indulge you on it.Let me bring you back to the time when I started to play guitar.It was a time when all of the music has guitar licks or riffs in it.Even Michael Jackson song had Eddie solos in there.Bands was churning out fast flashy rhythm and solos in every album release.

But I couldn't figure it out and for a teacher-less guitar newbie like me.It was a chaotic time and everything was beyond my grasp and comprehension. Every newbie seem to ignore the heavy metal rhythm(which is hard) for the solos(harder).Nobody was willing to teach for free. So without any music theory I thought all of those flashy stuff must have came from the guitar itself. Yes that's how dumb I was back then.Haha

And we're back to the good side.Then suddenly in 2000 the unthinkable happen.The music had slowed down as if the players had come full circled.It's like Star Wars the movie.They know they couldn't push the story any further than it is so they back up the timeline and called it Episode ONE knowing this would prolong the blockbuster future revenue.

The same thing was happening to the music industry.Nu Metal actually made newbies like me shelf the shredders dream(temporarily) and relearn guitar the proper way.Some of the Nu Metal song had easy to follow solos but most didn't have any solos at all.So it was easy for me to strengthen my students rhythm foundation before shoving any excerpt from "Hotel California" or "Stairway to Heaven" into their throat or ears.Nu Metal had left us with good guitar playing culture and discipline in general.Crawl before you can walk.Nail the slow long on and off interrupted rhythm in time.A metronome is not a watch to look at,it's a click to hear and play along with.Only then you'd be able to nail "I believe in a thing called wove" in 2004.What a good preparation eii? Anyway..

Before I forget about he Jackson DK2M in this post.First of all not all DK2M are the same.This 2012 model has its truss rod adjustment at the headstock.The current DK2M has that on the heel.Nothing to worry about.Just some minor changes that's all.They do this for the better I think. However I hope they put in them pickup springs now unlike this one.
Although the neck joint looks thick,the shaved off area is quiet comforting for upper register noodling.Never thought Jackson would go 3 bolt but I have to say this does holds fine.I didn't like the thin finish neck as that would invite hand filth and moisture(danger to exposed wood) in the long run.The job was a setup and that's that.

I give this DK2M 3 out of 5 stars.

Metal tech