31 October 2013

Cort X-5LTD Shitwork - Do check yours today.

Sooner or later they all end up on my bench.Especially the shitty ones.

Shit seems to come when you're in your most troubled time.In my case,its at my most busiest.This Cort X-5LTD is a new offering from the great luthiers and investors at Cort Guitars.In fact its so new that it has not appear  in their website yet.I'm guessing its a 2014 early surprise?Maybe..Who knows.At the time this post is written the only clue about it is only found in a Russian website - Here

This guitar was brought to me hours after it was purchased.The owner wanted to let his local tech not luthier have a go at it.You know how it is."Hey bro,I just bought a new guitar.Wanna try?" Personally for the money its built quiet well.The fretwork were clean,the factory setup is good that I don't have to ever resort to the allen key like I normally do.

As I was hooking the jack and playing with the volume,I noticed there's something not right with the two.The insertion was single click and the volume response wasn't responsive.Of course I didn't disclose that to my client.I kept playing the guitar and inspect the guitar just to kill some time while throwing in some ice breakers to get a conversation going.After 10min,as soon as the client felt comfy I immediately ask "Can I inspect your guitar?". "Yes you can Abang Yustech,go right ahead" was the reply.

As soon as I open the control cavity,there lies a 500k pot.What the F***.What idiot QC Supervisor did Cort luthiers and investors hired to work in your factory....Calm down now Yustech,you don't need more stress than you're already in now....Alright,since there's nothing more to look at lets check the output jack.Sure enough my hunch was right!Their using mono jack with EMG?The former was bad enough but this?Come on now,we're not dumb as you.We tech know about EMG pickups because we READ the installation guide.

Dear Cort Guitars,perhaps you people should do the same too?.Because of your lack of responsibility and highest degree of ignorance my client has to buy an EMG 25k pot and a Switchcraft #12B(from me of course.hehe).You don't need an idiot to figure out whose paying for those now.Do you?

Looking forward for this weekend when this client returned with the appropriate parts.

This might be an isolated case but to those that have bought the Cort X-5LTD here or in Russia,its best to check out yours too.Just in case.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

all EMG active pickups come with 25k pots, stereo jack and solderless wiring system, atau mungkin hanya versi aftermarket je kot yg ada mcm ni?

btw, kat mana dia sambung -ve terminal bateri?

raizil said...

so many trouble from Cort now, they used to be highly recommended kan?

YusTech said...

battery disambung terus ke common ground tapi switching.Battery terus berjalan dari hari ia keluar dari kilang hingga ke tangan pengguna.

YusTech said...

typo - tanpa switching

YusTech said...

Ia dibeli baru dari Music Shop.