4 March 2013

Marshall MG100FX

The introduction DFX series were quiet the talk of town.You'll practically must've seen or knew someone that's using them then.Not to mention a favorite choice of Jamn Studios.A decade later Marshall decided up the notch with the FX series.The thing about FX series was it's a design colabration of Marshall's Engineers,Marketing and Accounts department.Where by the engineers design the PCB's and Components.The Marketeers design the facelift and convenience features.The accountant would always tries to cut down cost and pretend to know more than both Engineers and Marketeers.Lol.

The FX series are definitely an amp that I won't waste my money,time or ears on except for repairs.Thank you and enjoy.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

take a peek inside = looks cheap

Francisco VillaseƱor said...

Hello, i need a huge favor, can you put a pic from this amp. but i need the big part from under( i mean a pick of the mothercard that one of the microfilters and transistors) please men, i need how the transistor "tr3" fit in the card.

MARFU said...

Hello !
I have one in my lab, in Curitiba, Brazil.

i can post some photos ?