18 December 2011


When its well made,its well made.I pad your back Mr ESP san.You deserve the credit for managing a great team in Indonesia.Do improve things at your China Factory(LTD F10).

To potential new LTD buyers.If all EC401 are built like this.Do not avoid it cause its good.Try it then decide.


subversion.sg said...

i've never doubted the Indo craftsmanship. when Ibanez trusted the Premium series to indonesian hands, i was initially skeptical. but having seen those guitars up close & handling them personally- thumbs up.

Hafiz Azhar said...

Yustech is very friendly and setup my guitar very well.
Thumbs Up for him.
Thx bro!

BTW, i think u should be a Tesla Pickup dealer too.
U should consider it. Just my 2cent :D