5 January 2012

Ibanez Look a like what ever makes you happy

Fret leveling and setup(at least I tried to!)


Ijau D. Koceng said...

does the owner know it was a fake?

Dr. Ben said...

how did they came with that cavity with all the small curves? I wonder if they actually calculate it for some purposes? Perhaps you are laughing at things you don't know ;)

Pencinta said...

wow..after seeing these picture make me wanna go back and check my RG tipu ke ori punye..haha..btw i don't mind buying it if they sell it murah kaw2 like rm150..LOL

thanks bro Yus for sharing..your blog is in my top 5 list of WAJIB visiting everyday!

YusTech said...

The owner believe after I told him.

Yup,Dr Ben I learn new thing every day.That one of my purpose..what ever make us happy..haha

I agree with paying 100 and selling to consumer at 200..haha

Khalid Fadil said...

If this guitar was real... The serial number would have said: Made in Indonesia in June 2007; Production number 27017.