25 February 2012

Thanks a lot Bro, My Speaker's Blown now.

Speaker Recoil Service in Malaysia.

I don't really believe in it but if you really have to have your speaker repaired go to this shop in Pasar Road.If you happened to be there early say about 11am and stand at the spot where this picture was taken.Do order the Kari Kambing(Mutton Curry) at the stall behind you.You will not regret it even if you have high blood pressure..haha


Chief Editor said...

Bro yus. tq sbb share tips... ni kat jalan mana ni bro/kedai yg mana 1?

Chief Editor said...

Tqvm bro yus sbb share tips. Tanya skit... ada 2-3 kedai dlm gambar tu.. yg mana 1 yer? service/harga ok x? :)

YusTech said...

Kedai kedua dari kiri a.k.a. sebelah multicare transformers.

Lokasi Pasar Road.
Service charge tidak dapat dipastikan.