20 March 2012

Ibanez S470 Part IV(b)

This is the second video,forgive me for the audio and visual quality,my client was quiet nervous about it,I told him that this is to guarantee professional conduct between Yustech and Bentley Music.I don't want the outcome to be like that other KFC incident thing..haha..
Fortunately the first person I talk to was very positive and open about my grouse.This is not Bentley's fault.It was Ibanez fault.If Ibanez people were to be present it would've been more interesting.hehe

You have to put on headphone and volume to max.Haha
Third Video soon.



LPmalaya said...

yustech wat terjah beb...len kali nk wat terjah ajk sy...sy pnye camera clear ckit bro...HD..tp nk upload kt y.tube mau ler 1-2jam..

YusTech said...

hehe...boleh kalau ade keperluan di lain kali..