18 April 2012

Digitech DF7 Distortion Factory

With the increase usage of DSP,Ram,Flash ROM in most of today's gadget and what not,I'm beginning to feel left behind in this Tech Savvy world.To me its complicated technology that I don't dare to indulge what more speak of.With the need of complex tool,test mode,codes and programs this 486 brain just won't cut it.Which bring us to this foot device they call Distortion Factory.The complaint was the Distortion Model knob/Preset wouldn't hold its position.You set it say to mode 4 then soon after it conveniently changed itself to something else and most time all over the place like its has its own thought about what sound suit best for you.Haha..

Convenience my very bottom end.My first thought would be the rotary encoder,maybe it'll be ok if shoot some contact in it.Guess what?The stupid encoder don't have any hole on it.Sorry man,I can't pursue any further and I think I be looking forward to my old job(which I hate so much..Haha).That is repairing TV's and Radio's.Then again there are lesser CRT TV now and people don't listen to Boombox anymore.Alrite then back to doing guitars.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

for the price of this DF7, i'd rather buy a multi-fx (namely zoom G2)

both sounds digital... but u'll get extra features with G2

subversion.sg said...

i'm quite oblivious when it come to the technology-tone relationship today, i'd rather go with good tones regardless of what's used.