3 September 2012

Thanks a lot Bro,My Pickup's Blown now.

Guitar Tech error plus Stupid Pickup design equals??

In my 13 years of handling pickups installation,I have came across 3 or 4 broken passive pickups but never once I confronted a broken active pickup.I always thought they're built like a tank...

The previous Tech that installed it left 2 screws under it thus causing it to somehow short the circuit board, 12 month later,it ceased to work...but the coil is still ok.So to Guitar Tech,DIYers please remember to do one last peek under your Blackouts before you screw the pickup ring,Failing to do so might cause you RM420 excluding installation.haha

This only applies to Seymour Duncan Blackouts that has expose PCB.Yup,its the same company that claim to have 30 over years of experience in Pickup Manufacturing but actually 3 years in the active pickups market.your stupidity causes this client to switch to EMG 85.ROFLOL.

EMG owner,as you can see below.Nothing to worry.this post don't apply to you.Kudos to EMG.

Thank You


Ijau D. Koceng said...

blame it on kevin beller

btw, tesla active pickups also have closed pcb board like EMG design

YusTech said...

hehe..I blame the Boss.