15 January 2013

Takamine AccurAcoustic Preamp Issues Part I

A Post for Takamine Owner,

Above shown is a picture of Takamine Preamp.This particular Preamp is name the AccurAcoustic Preamp and are mostly found in old intermediate range model.It is at the time is second to Takamine's Flagship DSP Preamp.Between 2002-2007 I come across many problematic Takamine AccurAcoustic.All with the same fault.
 By now most of you have either upgrade the Preamp or switch to a different brand.

In Part 2 I will shed some light on the matter.


timb said...

You have my attention! I have this preamp and it has stopped working. Do you know the potential problem? Any chance you have a schematic?

Manuelt said...



David Chapa said...

how do you remove an accuracoustic preamp? I see the one tab in the batter compartment, but where is the other?


YusTech said...

That's is a very good question David.I surprise why no one ask this before.

Ok the other push snap lid is hidden,You have to use a tiny poking tool and push it through either the Bass or Level slider.I advise you release the hidden one before the other one hidden in the battery compartment.Both snap lid are directly opposite each other.Hope this helps.