23 July 2013

Charvel 650XL White Crackle

The guitar was bought equiped with EMG's.Good thing the old Jackson JE1200 Mid Boost was also included.So I suggest the owner we put back the default electronics.I am curious about it as much as he is.There's a slight crackle at Volume pot which made me understood why it was switch to EMG's in the place.A quick fix with a contact cleaner seems to made it go away.For how long?I'm unsure but I advise the owner to use it until it totally dies.But before that time comes its Loud thunderous ear piercing tone..ok to my ear at least..

Thumbs up Charvel.They don't make em like they use to.  

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Ijau D. Koceng said...

nice finish, sampai ke belakang crack mmg btl2 detail

Paul Varricchione said...

My first decent guitar was this one. Purchased used from a guitar store here in Vermont. It had a bolt on neck though and black headstock with white charvel logo. I put an emg 81 and a gain booster in it. Worst decision I ever made was getting rid of it.