9 October 2013


Q - Where its made?
A - Indonesia.

Q - Built Quality againts fakes? 
A - This M53 eats them for breakfast.Clean fretwork and routing.

Q - Tuners and bridge? 
A - Average.

Q - What about the electronics compared to fakes? 
A - Average and working as it supposed to.

Q - What about the pickups tone?
A - No issues.Its good enough through my amps cause my amps is good.Hehe.,upgrades is quiet a personal matter if you want to experiment.

Q - Price against fake?
A - Very Good,you won't complain. RM7XX New.This made them RM890 fakes look  like RM250.

Q - Are all sub RM1k guitars this good?
A - If all were made consistent like this then its good.

Q - Why is it here in my blog? 
A - Setup and mandatory Switchcraft of course.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

stock pickups LH150/LS120 mmg bagus, blh lawan ibanez INF-series

btw, ini model M-53, M-50 guna rosewood fretboard

YusTech said...

Terima kasih... :)