8 December 2013

Untitle Guitar


 I have anticipate from the start there will be some negative sentiment towards my stand pertaining to Fake Instrument Sales method.From my own perspective there's some genuine and Original grievance aired by them and their backers.But morally.Its a thing for this writer to careless about.Some have pit my view against the instruments Pro and Con itself in order to make full sense to the selling of such so called Replica guitars itself.One had even made a direct comparison and equate it to Digital Piracy.

I find that sort of retaliatory pathetic essay rubbish and unrelated.Musical Instruments has its own uniqueness plus need to be studied closely for it to be labeled as it should be.So pleasures from selling/watching pirate DVD9,Blue Ray with DTS/AC3 and what not can't be compared to selling/playing a fake instruments itself.Any sound minded Guitar Players/Techs/Retailers will eventually come to similar conclusion.Speaking of Pro and Con.Again,Purely personal and with it comes Subjectivity.Nothing/no one is perfect and from it arise accepting/rejecting from each own stand point.Using that point doesn't represent the mass at all but instead will make oneself be looked as a fool.It is never the intention of this writer to look down or shame those who intend to buy/have bought the instruments in question.

We all have our reasons e.g. financial/ability/influence/
ignorance/ambition which I respect and very much understand.Clearly what was mentioned in the sentence before has no validity to any cheap/expensive Instrument debate nor to let off those cunning crook sellers.So what's the fuzz all about?The fuzz in question is in the way these Fake Sellers loudly announced their product as Replica,Custom,Special and what fancy name you may give it when clearly to our clears eyes its a FAKE.

Having said that,I hope I won't be misunderstood by the Consumers.I'm on your side bro but I prefer to be known as The Rude but Honest rather than The Polite but Sly.Those fake sellers may blow their Fake horn loud but I'll blow my whistle louder..Consumers may/may not treat me as their enemy but I guarantee fake sellers are to be my enemy.Riding on the brands while destroying genuine sellers.Proper Seller education is the point and so concludes my lengthy composition.With it comes responsibility,without it emerge apathy.Allah knows me more than myself.

I receive several threats and intimidation made to me by certain individuals that backs Fake sellers at my FB wall.Most of it came from an FB group page Guitarist Nusantara members.To date I failed to receive any response from their CEO regarding the issue.Silently condoning to its members act is quiet baffling if you ask me.Hence,I have to temporary withheld this seller identity.Who knows they might be his acquaintance since they support the sale of such fake instruments.Money can drive people do stupid things.Ha ha.But I can tell you this much.He's a Tech and is located in Jalan Genting Klang.Call yourself a Tech when you can't tell what is or what's not.Shame on you and go join that group!!You'll fit right in and your sales will boom.So I have to watch my back from now on?No more critical post?Close down my operation?Well,I can't say I promise any of it but I promise to keep troubleshooting and exposing.Ha ha. 

Telling it as it is like in my blog
Yustech GT.


Cikgu Aziz said...

Keep up the good work. I never thought fakers would go so far to bluff unsuspecting buyers.

YusTech said...

Thanks Cikgu.Its difficult to educate sellers while the majority of the public miss understood the composition conclusion.Its a risky stand not with out its repercussion.Truth or misleading,someone gotta/want to do it.:)

Cikgu Aziz said...

You're most welcome. It takes guts to expose wrongdoings, but like you said, somebody's gotta do it. Reminds me of a story I heard, about some peole buying Honda Civics and slapping Proton Perdana labels on them.

subversion.sg said...

'Fender' or any other commercially viable product name empowers people from a psychological perspective; so it's psychology more than anything else but it's also insecurity- people feel 'unsafe' strutting something obscure. They'd do well to note that they themselves are a NOBODY even if they are wielding Fender/ Gibson/ etc. So, there...