9 January 2017

Thanks bro my neck is irreparable now? Part II

Part I here.

Welcome to part II and I thought this post wouldn't see the light of day.In the past entry I've rant about a bolt-on guitar(Godin Multiac Nylon SA) that has been glued for some unknown reason.To be honest I had depleted all possible nice way of taking it apart.Let me share you the possible technique and the one I actually went with.

Option 1 - Using something thin like a scrapper with some heat to shove in the neck pocket.This has to be done slow and patiently as I need to detach the glue from the neck and neck pocket.
Risk factor - Possible wood and finish tear out which I'm unable to correct or touch up later on.Not to mention how pissed my client would be.Haha

Option  2 - Using a hairdryer with a way to channel the heat through the bolt screw holes to weaken the glue.Aluminium foil were used to channel the heat.
Risk factor - Heat and finish don't mix well together cause heat would melt the latter.I tried for a few minutes but my hand couldn't stand the heat of holding the hot foil.If my hand couldn't take it,so does the guitar too.Plus not to mention how pissed my client would be again.Haha

Option 3 - Using water.I poured water in all 4 bolt screw holes hoping it would sip through and weaken the glue.Honetsly I didn't give this much thought but I hope the glue is water soluble type e.g.Titebond etc. After just 2 hours the water found its way and did weaken the glue.The guitar neck sprung out(with the help string tension).I have to say this is the stupidest idea that I had came up with and never thought it would work but it does.
Risk factor - None as the amount of water is not a lot and could be easily dry out off the guitar with hot air or left to dry naturally.Just be there when the neck jumps out.

I was thankful that the amount of glue in the pocket was not as much as I thought plus after it's quiet hard to see the glue residue in the neck pocket it self but the neck heel shows a glued dark spot withing the black marker line and unglued natural wood exposed on the center. That itself shows just a tiny amount of wood glue could hold a guitar in concert pitch.

Client pissed avoided


Ijau D. Koceng said...

new achievement unlocked :)

YusTech said...

Precisely describeb Ijau.Thank you.