29 November 2017

2017 ugliest electric guitar

A post that would create uproar to both fans and music shop.So here I go.

Honestly I can't think of anyone/anything suited for the Schecter other than Zoidberg.He might not dig the color though.lol

I think somebody from Ernie Ball saw the elipse tool boring.So he decided to use his old colledge Set Square to design the St Vincent.I think they build and fly kites too over there.

Ibanez lower bout looks ugly.Inspired by the ship design or someone's shoe? Aye mate! Na'am habibi! Both!

 I voluntarily photoshop the heastock with the standard Jackson pointy.Its still ugly.I cannot believe somebody at Jackson shoved this into Marty's throat.There's nothing wrong with the Kelly design in the first place.LP and Pointy don't get along well.

Take a lefty,switch it around.Relocate the controls to emphasis that its a righty. Attire it with the unused cans of blue paint on the shelf and walaa..a horible lazy produced guitar.But still its a Gibson you know.

A tele with a reverse pointy headstock,maple fingerboard and 7 string.Someone didn't see how horribly out of proportion this is.Might as well change the name to bellycaster.Blasphemy at the highest degree if you ask me.

Now this was what I feared would happen when ESP moved some of its authority to America.Sooner or later the'll be a guy over there with his childhood memory and putting them on a guitar.Look at it.Its like failed barn Jem DNA with street soccer relic process and it wants to be a strat too? Its both fugly front and back.What was that guy in North Hollywood thinking? I think this goes against ESP core values so I blame ESP dot com not ESP dot JP.

I think I got this ESP figured out.It looks like a guitar cum gundam like axe from a Japanese animae.So its okay hence forgiven but still ugly.hehe

Let it be known as a fact that we human in some way or another conscious about brand,looks,color,specs,idol etc.Its indeed impossible to please everyone.The very reason why we have such variety of mess above.

The above summary was based from January 2017 Nammshow only.No further search of other ugly guitars were made after that.Later edit may occure.

Thank you


Ijau D. Koceng said...

st vincent - katanya sesuai untuk bentuk tubuh wanita
friedman MF-1 - mungkin jackson nak push jualan model monarkh
jackosn TY2-7 - almost ordered it from andertons, true story...
FTM33 - kasut siapa? hahaha...

YusTech said...

Terima kasih atas pencerahan model.Jika ada tambahan sila tambah.hehe