15 April 2019

Ibanez AW100CENT

It's been a while since I put my fingers in acoustic preamp overhaul. Somehow this thing don't break down that easy but when they do, either buy a new preamp (size may vary) or good fluke finding the schematic. I bet my Hakko 981 the makers won't provide schematics. Not a lavish wager I must agree. On the upbeat it's good to know tight quality control is an essence in the pre-amp fabrication. I like to believe they deleted schematics files after a product became best seller to focus on the next add-ons, design, next gen etc. And the cycle repeats. That ladies and gentlemen, is no doubt a big pile of pixey turd.
The Ibanez preamp on, wait. Is it on or in...? Could it be at? Never mind, I have enough exertion explaining myself than to worry about preposition. Do forgive when you find any being inappropriate. As long as it doesn't interfere with my iron, it's fine. Let's continue... This AW preamp had some loud coughing and farting issues. Sometime startling too. Battery was fine and there's jolt present at where it needs to be. The opamp is good. Not open nor short. Volume pot is good. There's cancer emerging at two spot of the board. It's Koffin Kanser. The cancer just beginning to soften the pads/tracks. Good thing this pesakit was admitted early, otherwise it will be tough for me to tell what is/are tie to what and where. Just to let you know, I am the best person for this kind of work because I'm good at only what I think I know. Lol and cough....
 I ordered some high grade capacitors to supplant all the tin cans SMD caps. The minute any of those Aluminium Cap go leaky then the rest must go. What I meant by high grade earlier was it can't be bought just like that. Apparently reason is above money. I had to answer a set of questions sent by the manufacturer. It’s part of a “Catch All Export Policy” set by the Japanese Government. Well now, catch me then and deport me to Akihabara constituency please lol. I was a bit vexed in case they couldn’t understand my essay than getting the caps. I don't mean to offend any Japanese readers as I myself have trouble comprehending my own composition here. My excuse to all Japanese citizen. After 72 hours, permission to acquire caps were granted.
The aforementioned caps are the through hole style. I thought I go with the imaginative approach this time as well as at the maximum expense of the user wallet. Hehe. I cut the leads to a specific length and align each carefully prior soldering. Looks crude compared to the stock but it held up good and does the "preamping" great.
Gone are the cough and fart from it (This was six month ago). In case you're asking where is the bottom metal lid for the preamp? It's like that when I opened it or had it went missing from past repairs. It looks to me no-one had been in there before. Since there isn't any RF noise disturbance, I think it's deliberate. I've transcribed too much already. Prevention is better than cure. God willing, see you on the next gig.

Thank you

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bluesguy62 said...

Wonderful job once again. It's truly a blessing when you're able to work on something as fragile as a tiny preamp. Two thumbs up!