10 December 2011

Thanks a lot bro, my preamp useless now

Picture 2 belong to my student(this was 1 year ago).I personally knew his caring attitude toward his equipment.He told me one day the thing just broke down.Upon inspection I told him I don't know whether the plastic mounting is sold separately or he has could buy the whole unit plus some other sensible and logical tech jargon cost added shit to him..haha

I really want to help him and offered to make one using acrylic plastic.He was relief and agreed.At least its usable.Sorry no pictures cause its a horrible project...haha

To those Ibanez Semi owner,bear in mind that this is a factory defects and Ibanez should compensate/replace yours,Its not your fault that someone else are cutting corners.

To date the one that I made hasn't melt...(Not yet..haha)


Kurt said...

Ibanez SRTn: It it comes from new guitar?

YusTech said...

Its due to the material composition,Ibanez not doing enough R&D.Even China made Preamp plastic Mounting don't have this issue.

YusTech said...

Regardless the Model.