17 March 2012

Honoring My Teacher/Friend Part I

Back in 1992 when I was a noobie guitar player(still is.haha).I heard about this teenager in our neighborhood which could do legato fast and as smooth as butter.I was like...shit.I got to take up lesson,watch or do what ever i can to get some it from that guy.Today I still couldn't nailed some of the licks that he gave.That person is Jemboo.

He once said to me "when trying to explore or experiment something new, use the unused finger and just hit it,it might be that unique lines that you're looking for".

20years later he still stand by it.

So to honor one of many that had help me through my struggling guitar playing years.
A Belden and a pair of Switchcraft is all I can do.haha.

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bluesguy62 said...

I'm sure he appreciates the handmade cable. Good stuff.