3 August 2012

Craftman SG(Yustech Shitwork)You enjoy it don't you?haha

Khalid sent this in,his client needs it the next day.Bugger..like I have nothing else to do but read Guitar World Mag..haha.
The guitar was fitted with an Actice SD(Duncan Designed Pickups)which I don't believe at first.It turned out they're indeed active,Them pot were 500k which is wrong and its 10pm and I had scour my workshop for four 25k pots.(I don't stock this pots a lot)
I manage to find some and then I found out the bridge pickup wire was short(in fact to short).Well the worst thing that could happen is a pickup replacement.I certainly hope so but Khalid was there and I couldn't wreck the pickup some more.haha

But thankfully everything was OK.I ask Khalid to tell his client don't ever drop this guitar fearing the pickup wire might break.

I call this work Yustech Shitwork and I'm suppose to be proud of it.Hahaha


Ijau D. Koceng said...

active pickups with 500k pot?... who's the previous tech?

YusTech said...

I have no idea,probaly DIY..

Ijau D. Koceng said...

take a look at TOM bridge on 2nd pic... i think it's DIY too?

YusTech said...

unsure,the guitar long out of the workshop,I just focus on the wiring.hehe

saif azwan said...

Ijau D. Koceng, well picked. so the tom saddle, should now be adjusted from the pickups area rite... LOL!