22 August 2012

Fender Telecaster Highway One

Its that saddle again!!!How can 2 string share the same compensate point?Any tech out there want to give me some lesson,please do but be sure you're from Fender.Worth my time.

I very much like to know how they intonate this dumb saddle.


bluesguy62 said...

I did read an interview with Leo during zaman dinosaur, where he supposedly claimed to have made it like that to minimize 1. side-to-side movement of the bridge pieces and also 2. loss of sustain. That's what was written, but one can guess that it was also to reduce tooling costs. I've tried one solution to this problem, and that is to forcefully screw on the saddles at an angle. Does not look good, but it works. Just my RM0.02 worth :).

YusTech said...

It turn I was wrong,at a glance its not offset but actually it is..I have to say I'm sorry to Fender.I jump the gun to early..haha

bluesguy62 said...

Heh3x, but 6 separate saddles still more practical for everyone; IMHO.