31 August 2012

Gibson Epiphone Jeff Waters Annihilation-V

Part I

Nick bought it and wanted me to Switchcraft the output jack and Minor setup,but the thing about this guitar that caught my attention was the Kill switch.I really wanted to know how its wired and will it be the same as I imagine it in my head..

It turn out I was wrong..hehe.I thought they would use an On-Off switch to cut the output,but instead they use an Off-On switch and link it to ground.Thanks Nick,I couldn't be sure before this,Now I am.Another new discovery for my Tech journal.

Nick needs it quickly done on the spot because of his recording shedule,in Part II we will check out the bridge,the cavity and others..

Thank you and enjoy


Ijau D. Koceng said...

juz arrived from thomann... terus hantar ke yustech? cayalah nick


Dr. Ben said...

gonna get this soon!