29 August 2012

Gibson Epiphone LP Tribute 2010

Akmal wants to put a couple of Gibson 300k pot in it plus a full setup.Of course I wont even agree to do it without having it Switchcraft first.hehe...so far no one dared to say no to me..haha.

I have to confess I never install a 300k pot to work with humbucker..,common sense tells me its will tame down some of the highs,maybe not as much as a 250kohms pot would..

The Epiphone comes default with Switchcraft toggle switch and a set of Gibson pickups.Lay man term would be its an official Epiphone factory modded model.

Should any of you would like to replace your Epiphone pot to Gibson pots,you must also buy Gibson Knobs.Trying to force an Epiphones knob on a Gibson pot will invite cracks to the knob itself.

Thank you and Enjoy

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Ijau D. Koceng said...

same pickups, pots (series/parallel with mallory caps) and wiring as my '57 goldtop reissued

but i really don't like the sound of the pickups (although some said it was gibson's pickups), so i've replaced it with something heavier