8 April 2013

Washburn AB10

Bought by a client at a really bargain price.The bass appears to be capable of making a comeback.As soon as the string were out there seems to be a gap between the fretboard and the neck at the nut.Titebond will fix this.The electric tone seems terribly of balance due to improper saddle sitting.Less contact and down force will surely cause this.After a few sand leveling and radius work on the saddle the tone improved a lot but the height was still high.

No one likes 1/2 inch string height so the used of files was unavoidable and appropriate.After having a go at it the piezo still has a bit of balance issues.The D string seems a bit softer the others.I would suspect the piezo.Looking a the piezo pickup width,its a bit wider than whats used in semi acoustic.

It will do for now.  

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