16 June 2013

L.Luthier GA33EQ

This is X-Y=Z work.For some of you that don't know what that is.Click here.He he.

Since its very much new and a week old the owner decided to have me look at it.You know the "what you think and what could you do more if its yours yus"Well might as well I do a review at the same time.Even if its worth 5 cent.Ha ha

Construction wise the guitar is cleanly built and comes with an onboard Fishman Preamp.However the Piezo is unlike any Fishman Piezo that I'm familiar with there for I'm uncertain of its origin.The Nut and Saddle is Bone which I think are a must for any acoustic guitar today.

After having a go at it for a full day,I found myself liking it even more.It feels and sounds just right to the ears especially when plucking those open chords e.g. G alt,Cadd9 and Dsus2.However due to the size it lacks the bottom air when strummed.This is off course would be the norm for a non Dreadnought guitar.

Is it worth it?If you don't mind that its not a Taylor,Martin,Takamine but want a good solid top to fiddle around and wouldn't mind any potential ding or knocks down the road.Then Yes.Its worth every cent.

For more info go to www.L.Luthier.com

Thank you and enjoy

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