27 June 2013

Patch up work with Switchcraft 226 and 280

You see I'm old school so in the 90's I was told by many long haired bros in tights that there should be only 3 thing between the guitar and the amp.That's Boss DS1 MT2 -> CE2 -> DD3. Haha

 This a new request work from my client which might be added to my listed services.The client just bought a switcher and have ask me to patch up all his pedals to it.I have admit I was slightly intimidated by the black box with many switch.It has Edit,Store button and the need to read the operation manual.Haha.

It turned out the client just bought a box of Planet Wave Cable Station .I certainly like its design but it seem we don't have the needed quantity to work with.So we settle to none other than my workshop brand of choice (Switchcraft #226 and #280) with real man hands soldering work(nothing against solder-less of course).

As for the cables I'm using the Canare L4.The L4 seems to be an overkill for this task so in the future if there's request for such similar work,I will use the GS6 instead.

Bottom line I have to agree that the use of a switcher does make life easy for a guitarist espescially those who have a lot of Stomp box.Less foot tapping,more joy at the guitar.

My thanks to my client for teaching me how to understand the switcher the night he took it back.

Thank you and enjoy.

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