25 December 2013

"Shitwork" The Proco RAT 2 or 1 Part II


Pro Co Sound to me below on 29thSept2011 ...in part I here

I guess you can't please everyone. The idea that we're "greedy" or "filling our pockets" is laughable at best, malicious and irrational at worst, and shows that you don't know a single one of the fine, honest, hardworking people that I work with every day, let alone our company culture.

It's not for everyone (like any piece of gear), but the Rat2 continues to be an extremely popular pedal, and is priced VERY reasonably- within reach of of the average player. There are plenty of our customers who love the current Rat2- I know this because I speak to them on a regular basis. There are other items in the line available if the Rat2 doesn't suit your needs. The Rat2 has been in its current form for the last 6 years, so your statement that we make it to increase the price of our reissue (for which the idea was formed just under 2 years ago) is simply not true. In addition to that, the OD07DP chip has been in use on Rats for over 14 years, and the small format pots for over 10.

We're not above criticism, but it seems that a calm and rational discussion, free of grandiose, irrational proclamations and personal attacks is not possible in this case. That's unfortunate, and I will not engage you in it any further. We'll just have to agree to disagree. Best of luck to you in life and with your blog.
And my question to Proco is "Sir,this one came from your Chinese or American factory?

General service work done here pending further instruction.
The ignorance,laughable,irrational,dishonest Tech.

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