17 December 2013

Yustech bust up a pedal.Did he really? Part II

Part I Here.

As I expected,its near impossible to acquire a good match replacement 250KA pot with long through hole legs.Should I use 250KB?Will it work like before?Will it sound like it use to?I very much know its the wrong taper for it.The Originality and Authenticity question.It does bothers some.

Understanding the EHX pot taper similar to guitar pots.As a last resort,we(Client and I) decided to go for it.A 250KA guitar/bass pot was used.Solving the distance between the pot legs to the PCB are thick copper wires soldered to each lug.After installation,the response was according to the client is as it is suppose to be.Like before.Relief I was.

I guess there won't be anymore pedal gut shot after this incident?Well at least not for any EHX products.Its clear that they're using cheap fragile pots with air tight plastic knobs plus no warning label telling users not to exceed 200mA rating.That explains stories I heard about them blowing up around town and may be worldwide?While most unknowingly has become your permanent fans and buyers.Friend don't let friend be fooled.I'm certainly telling them to steer away from any EHX or at least be caution.Tone is a subjective matter but quality is what we all could agree upon.Thumbs up Electro-Harmonix,Keep up the cheap work.

Pedal safety article Here

Unauthorized EHX Service Center


Ijau D. Koceng said...

"no warning label telling users not to exceed 200mA"

yg ni bahaya kalau tak ada warning, last2 tak dpt claim warranty

YusTech said...

For extreme safety use Power adapter or Supply outlet 9VDC/100mA.

Warranty is void,user have to

a) bear repair cost.
b) buy replacement unit.