27 October 2011

Thanks a lot Bro,My Pedal's Blown now.

There is a confusion going a round among guitar and bass players concerning their Pedal Adapter.Bigger is better some say.

The Voltage and Current debate.In this Tech Tips I will give my humble opinion and hopefully setting the record straight.

Firstly Volt(the Pipe,The Hose) and Ampere(The Juice,The Content) are not the same but relates and works with one another.
Since most pedal will work fine at 9VDC-10VDC.I will only indulge on the Components and Current draw.The how not to or to kill your pedal and wallet.

Due to cost,human labour and competition.Most of today's stomp(amps and rack system too) are manufactured using SMT's(SMD's).It allows makers to squeeze more function,save time,profit more and put more features in their pedal.These SMT's do not require high current to work.So 200mA-300mA is good but 1000mA-2000mA is an overkill.It may be ok now but sooner or later something got a give.

So the next time you want to buy an adapter,do look closely at the mA rating.If you are unsure,do consult with the manufacturer.

Which would you prefer?

a)Burnt Pedal but the Adapter's fine

b) Burnt Adapter but the Pedal's fine.

The choice is yours.

Below is some adapters that's safe for pedals consumption.
again it should be only 9/10VDC,200mA/300mA.

Keep Rocking but don't keep blowing.Haha
in BM the saying goes"Cegah sebelum parah"


Dr. Ben said...

i like this entry!

YusTech said...

Thank You Doc.

bluesguy62 said...

Once again, very useful information for players and techs alike. Thanks so much for sharing.

YusTech said...

You're welcome..

Ijau D. Koceng said...

how about powering 5-10 pedals daisy-chained with 1700-2000mA adapter?

YusTech said...

Good Question.

That's a tough one to answer.Never tried.

Voltage don't drop in parallel.
Does Current drop?

There's always Google.

saif azwan said...

YusTech, it's an eye opener. What better is, brain opener... I experienced shitty thing with one of Mudah seller way back in 2009.. sell me an epiphone lp junior which I brought to a guitar tech and found out it's a fake.. I can still recall the seller's face.. and the treatment is shitty...

Shall I reveal this Mudah's businessman over here?

It's your call bro.. I have no hesitation.

YusTech said...

Please do.For the benefit of all visitors.