7 August 2014

Bareknuckle The Mule neck factory error/miss-wire.

The conversation between yustech and one BKP user.

Two years earlier Mr Arnold(not real name) bought a set of BKP The Mule and had a tech installed in his Sheraton wired coil tap with push pull pots.He discovered an awkward tone coming from the neck.The tonal character was quiet disappointing for any of his musical usage.Particularly the neck pickup.For two years he tried playing his Sheraton but kept going back to his Seymour Duncan equipped Yamaha everytime.As a guitarist that's forgiven to have none technical understanding he felt upgrading the rest of the inner electronics would resolve the tonal problem.That was his plan after it became unbearable to play the bloody thing anymore.

Upon receiving the guitar I didn't try to audibly hear what the flaws about.Maybe it could be just broken wire somewhere at the controls or selector.When the time came to dig in the guitar I suggest Arnold to go for Series/Parallel instead.Coil split is just marketing ploy,not to mention the tonal drop is absolute ridiculous.I'm more incline to what a humbucker could offer(parallel,2 coil,subtle,no noise) than what it failed to deliver(coil split,false single coil tone,noisy).My personal opinion of course.

As pickup color codes differs from one maker to another BKP's provides among the most elaborate clearly drawn schematic diagrams.A parallel connection to the PP pot at the bridge should be the same as the neck right?WRONG!. The neck didn't emit the tone its suppose to.Mind you,this is RM1200 pickup set.I certainly wouldn't want to be responsible for whatever may had happen to it prior to me wiring it...but wait,hold those cursing words for now.There maybe a good explanation to this.BKP,they're human too.Human make mistakes you know.Just take the damn multimeter,croc clips,color code and study it.So study it I did.Tapping the coils,finding out which pair is slug/pole.walaa...it work but not according to the schematic.Nasib baik tidak rosak,kalau ya,tutup worshop terus bulan ini.Tukar profession jadi teksi driver pula.Ptuihhh BKP.Not funny at all Tim.

It turned out they had wrongly wound the Start/Finish(Red/Green) at the slug bobbin or they miss labeled it externally at the four conductor wire.This post is in no way to humiliate or question BKP's pickup winders expertise.It only serve to ease us tech worldwide should we come across these abnormality and headache.This could be just one isolate case.The above wiring was applied to bridge,the below was applied to its paired neck.Both worked Series/Parallel as intended.

From now on if anyone ask me what I think about Bareknuckle Pickups.My reply would be "Good if its labeled correctly" 

Where did this happened? here.




Ijau D. Koceng said...

hahaha pernah mengalami masalah yg lebih kurang mcm ni, upgrade gitar member from EMG-HZ to SD JB

mula2 ikut saja wiring asal EMG, bunyi teruk... rupa2nya hot wire utk SD warna hitam, bukan merah mcm EMG/tesla/dimarzio

YusTech said...

Itu salah baca tuan.Haha.
SD hot wire boleh sememang hitam atau hijau bergantung pada phasing.

BKP ini lain cerita.Salah label atau salah wayar mula/tamat.;)