15 December 2015

Marshall DSL5C

Reviews,there's plenty of it out there about anything from the industry that you could imagine.Some of the reviews are paid,most would do it for the fun of it.Not necessarily telling people to buy it but instead letting people know such things exist.Like this blog for example.
Speaking of paid/official musical gear reviews,most of them I've seen mostly talk about are how great the built in features are,how fantastic the tone is and how big/tiny of a hole it will make in the pocket.Honestly all of the above are in fact subjective to anyone needs.

What about its durability and parts? Well looking at the first I'm sure the situation different now with makers coming out with new models every year or two promising that today's one better than yesterday's.From how I see most would happily dump the old for the latest so I can say durability factor out the window?No proof no case?

To others that's like me.We like to hold on to what we bought or inherit as long as we can,there for parts availability matters but that's not all.The serviceability is important too especially if you live in a jungle and it so happen there's a guitar tech living down stream,from what you've read in his blog he doesn't mince his words but actually polite when confronted.You may want him to give a shot at it before going to Authorized Service Center in the city.

Take one Line 6 Spider III that I repair or at least I tried to long ago(unpublished entry).The amp won't emit any sound.Turn off the amp there's a pop at the speaker.That means the speaker's good.Checking the TDA's power amp,its fine.My trace seem to point to a chip.This chip is not your average opamp.It does more than that.It even has some responsible to the power supply section and LED's too.Since its cheap I considered swapping it to see.We tech do that not out of a simple guess.If its like that then anyone can do it.You don't need a tech if you intend to swap every component in the amp to find the fault.The fact is our hunch has the experience to back it up.It may start with pure luck but later turned to fact to assist the troubleshoot procedure..

Where was I,oh ya the IC or Chip.Its a programmable flash chip of some sort.You need the IC,the programming tool and the codes.Two of those I can get except the last one.When did Line 6 became like SuperCell's COC? Does it need updates too or do you mean reset when it suddenly hang for no reason?.Applying propriety technology at the other end of guitar cables is good?.Do it in between.Do this in the effects realm.I don't mind that at all.But leave the guitar amps alone please.Don't ruin one of the two important fundamentals.I noticed cheap or expensive guitars sounds more or less the same through any Spider amps.

Fear or favor? Well if you're on a tight budget with just one guitar then Line 6 just might cut it.Everything from pop clean to insane distortion are simulated well from any of their binary box.Consider that as a favor from Line 6 to you.One amp with many faces.Some claimed Line 6 products is good at impersonating famous tones personality.Others call them the impostor. 

If you have several guitars never mind cheap or expensive and want to hear each character honestly amplified from an amp(s) then get a solid state,hybrid or tube amps.Never mind the size just so long it doesn't have any digital stuff in it.Your only fear is if Digital amps took the world there'll be no more new honest amp to buy anymore.

Oh yes the title,and you can call this a review.This isn't a loan from any music shop,This unit brought by my client to have the power plug switch to 3 pin.First of all I don't like Marshall amps particularly if I'm the one playing through them.I'm not saying that they're not good.They are as long as someone else plays them.Iconic riffs from guitar heroes are made with this brand.I enjoy their Marshall tones and the DSL5C is no different. ACDC,GnR etc tunes are amplified close to exact through this baby.The features are basic but enough for anyone to get by.There's also a slight beefier model above this one.That's the DSL15C but don't buy that.Though it has a bigger speaker with more features on it,its missing the send/return.The reverb in that one is digital so without a send/return jack you're pretty much stuck with its default reverb your entire life.

Because of that get the DSL5C instead.It doesn't have a reverb but that's what the send/returns for.You'll be able to link it to what ever modulation/delay/reverb pedal out there and yes,Line 6 pedal would work fine too.

You can get/order the Marshall DSL5C at much better price from Swee Lee.

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Ijau D. Koceng said...

my "once upon a time wish-listed" amp... until i bought HT-5RH recently :)

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