12 December 2015

Which Warwick Rockbass Streamer Standard 4 or 5 to buy/avoid and why! Part 2

Hello and welcome to part 2.

I would like to share what I did to the previous bass in part 1.I switch the pots to 500k and sometime later the tone cap to 68nF.It did increase the output but its nothing near normal.Its a temporary solution while waiting for the technical reply(or a set of replacement pickups) from Warwick Germany.By now(9 months later) and from how I see it,its going to be a permanent remedy.He the bass owner also disclosed to me that his future GAS will be anything but  a Warwick.I don't blame him,yours truly would've felt the same.

About two weeks after,I received another same Streamer(the one in this post) with the same complaint.Sure enough the pots were 25k but this one has both pickups reading at 6.2k.Yes that's right Six point Two KiloOhms.Wait a minute..there's two version of this model? A Modern(loud as thunder) and Vintage(weak as whisper) version?For this one I swap the pots to 250k.It sounded normal and loud as any passive bass should be.The tone were fantastic.That's that then.

Alright,I'm assuming you've already bought a Warwick RockBass Streamer Standard 4/5.Don't worry if you haven't the clue about what's written in paragraph 1 and 2.Below is a drawing I've done.It should be easy reading for any tech that's going to work on your bass.

If you haven't bought this yet but will be going to then good for you.I will now show you how to choose the good from the bad ones.Here's how.

Buy/borrow a Multimeter(cheap one will do).If you're unsure how to use it,bring someone that knows.Set it to Resistance.

Plug the lead to the bass,all knob turn full.Put both Multimeter probe contacting the tip and ring at the other end of the plugged lead.Don't plugged the bass to any amp just yet.

Turn the bridge volume off to measure the neck,if it reads 6k or more then its good.Buy it.If it reads below 3k,Put it back,don't buy it and walk away.

Turn the neck volume off(turn the bridge volume max now) to measure the bridge pickup.If it reads 6k or more then its good,Buy it.If it reads below 3k.Put it back,don't buy it and walk away.

If you're confused about the above written instruction,fret not.Click the videos below.Don't worry,the procedure is the same for both passive guitars and basses.

Remember!Buy the ones with a working pickups and ask your tech to replace the pots to common standard.

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Ijau D. Koceng said...

that diagram though, very IBZ-eque

YusTech said...

I drew it base from the original schemes.Using Paint program.hehe