20 January 2017

Ibanez EJK1000

 I love tools especially when it comes from the manufacturer and it's for their product.I bought the old Ibanez IA-L back in 99.The price was RM90 each.I was told I should buy 6 unit of it.I said no thanks,,I need only one but come to think about it I should have bought 6.These could collectible one day who knows.Haha

Though I did get by just fine on most Trem setup work with just two hex keys but it's handy to have around something made for the job especially involving the Lo-Pro Edge.

20 years later,I never thought that Ibanez would reinvent and improved the old IA-L to be one of the nicest tool for the trade.I have to say Ibanez has done a fantastic job.I also notice they are quiet serious in the accessory sector like they were in the 90's. Although the offerings are not as broad to the tiniest screws like the 80's but I have to give Ibanez a thumbs up for its current effort.Other than improving the trade its also serves as brand marketing.I don't know any company that does this other than Ibanez.Two thumbs up.

They are two more things I hope to get from Ibanez this year.One is the IFC-1000 fret cleaner(does it really work?) and any one set of Prestige Nut File Set.Keep up the good work Ibanez!

We who peruse your catalog from the back.

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