21 January 2017

Thanks a lot bro,you broke my Prestige pickup??

A big part of my setup service includes cleaning the guitar/bass/amps/pedals including the hardware.This would also mean cleaning the pickups poles but sometime very little could be done as the oxide surrounding the slug is to thick.
Now this Ibanez SV5470 single coil rust looks beyond normal as if someone dipped it in sea water to make it look 100 years old.No worries I'll do something about it.Nothing but a file would do it.
The pickup cover was hard to detach than usual.Ibanez wouldn't dab some locktite under there but it does seems like it.Well at first.
As I carefully try to dislodge it on both sides,the cover popped out TOGETHER with the SLUGS!!!!! oh dear what am I to tell the owner.Shit I meant no harm!!Even if I were to buy a replacement,it'll be impossible to buy this Ibanez SGC01S24D3.Yep I have Googled.

While feeling in deep shit I thought I took a close look at the pickup slugs.I knew I was very very very careful at it earlier but what did exactly happened?
The breaks looks perfectly clean on all slug.Wow my technique must be so good that I broke 5 like katana through butter!(consoling myself of course.Haha).
But then rationally that's impossible to do by hand.Looking at all the break spots I saw some glue residue.Wow!these slugs are actually two piece.The top piece is some sort of a very strong magnet.Must be some kind of Neodymium properties.It was also dipped in chrome and the chrome was expanding due to the oxidation process.I'm unsure which one rust first either the magnet or the plating.I think the rust expand and stuck to the pickup cover holes.That's why it's hard to take off.PANIC'S GONE!.This is very new to me that I don't see this in any normal single coil(not in my lifetime).Must be a breakthrough from Ibanez pickup R&D.I don't think this pickup(s) is/are made in Japan.Looks Korean.Anyway I'm not good in explaining the difference between Alnico,Ceramic and this Ibanez style.Hence I made a drawing.Forgive the size as I'm no expert in IT stuff.

So I guess there's something to be learn from this accident.Ordered the magnets online,will be here in few days time but which polarity should be up? North or South? And each Humbucker has eight wires!O o in triple shit now.

See you in part II



Cikgu Aziz said...

Haven't come across this kind of pickup before. Now I can hardly wait to see how this adventure turns out. Admire your honesty and frankness in dealing with this issue. Two thumbs up!

YusTech said...

Thanks Cikgu,been quiet busy lately and turn out the magnet ordered is the wrong size.Clumsy me.Had to reorder again.Conclusion will follow soon.Thanks for visiting again.

Cikgu Aziz said...

Most welcome. Guess we'll just have to wait for the reordered magnets to arrive. This is very very interesting stuff.