14 March 2017

Schaller Tremolo into Floyd Rose Special NO but then YES.

Hello again,I know some of you been waiting for my Ibanez pickup fiasco conclusion but you'll have to wait as I'm quiet tide up.Patience my people.

But not this entry for it must be convey in haste as it might be useful for some of you with soon to be broken Floyd Rose Special.Speaking of this tremolo,I have to say the quality is very chinesium grade..Broken saddle and loose thread are common flaw of it.If youre careful yours may survive years down the road..In the long run you'll find no pleasure with it and factor in a good trem replacement in the guitar price prior buying.Sooner or later you'll get there.More string change = Less FR Special life. Takeuchi is much better than this scrap iron find.

But if the factory stringer not careful,yours will break down at first string change like what happen to this LTD M100. Don't get me wrong the guitar is good but the bridge is not.That itself could accidentally tarnish the brand by itself.Loose thread on two saddles,four will follow suit in no time.Its not hardened enough,that's why.Buying upgraded saddles directly from Floyd Rose is unwise,its bloody expensive.Better buy a new bridge outfit.I wanted to so much to fault ESP for this but they didn't make the trem in the first place.But then again they bought it to put it there..what a dilemma..who to blame..I say they're both in it together so fuckem both.That's sounds about right to my ears...haha.

ESP should sit down with Schaller to work out something to replace the FR Special cause honestly speaking it's a shitty trem by todays standard.I don't know what went down in China or Korea.I would bet somebody cutting corners there but worst if they're told to do so.I'm sure a company of ESP magnitude would be able to strike an attractive long term binding contract with Schaller. Perhaps setting a high standard will make others follow the path(much later).Let Jackson have the shitty FR for their compound headache guitars.There,I'm done speaking off opinion.On to the job.

As I discovered the Schaller trem base is a bit longer than FR Special hence requiring 5mm more cut out in the LTD M100 cavity.Do that and the rest fall in place nicely.I don't know whether it applies only to this particular M100 but just in case I thought you should know before hand..Yes the unfilled space behind the new bridge looks odd but performance is priority here.I'm telling you the bloody Schaller works fantastic.It's finger licking good.Thumbs up you germans.I never doubted you except the shoody drill stand I bought from you last year.Well,not from Schaller but from your county men.They are from Remscheid.I'll write about them in future so you'll know who they are.

Just to let you players and installers know,if you're buying this Schaller from stewmac,they will send the 42mm length block version.I don't know whether they entertain request for 32mm or 37mm block.With further email they will? I hope so.

Link for the Schaller trem at Stewmac,click here
Link for official Schaller Tremolo,click here

Earth is flat


Ijau D. Koceng said...

"Broken saddle and loose thread are common flaw..." - agreed

same goes with my M-103FM (M-100FM sibling), tak sampai 3 bulan locking nut dah loose, tak sampai setahun (10 bulan) 1st saddle dah loose

bila locking nut dan bridge tukar kepada gotoh GHL-2-G dan GE1996T (with 40mm brass block), barulah puas hati...

YusTech said...

Ulasan post yang baik dari anda Ijau tentang Floyd Rose Special.

Nota tambahan
Selepas ini jika ditanya pendapat berkenaan FRS(Floyd Rose Sampah),tentu akan saya bantah sekerasnya seperti bantah saya pada Ibanez Edge III dan STD DL tremolo.