22 March 2017

Thanks a lot bro,you broke my Prestige pickup?? Part II

Hello readers,Part I here

I know some of you are eager to know the outcome of my pickup fiasco.The waiting is over.Pull up a chair as I don't know how long this composition would be but before that let's look at the broken pickup again. Hehe

So the first thing to do is order the magnets online.As usual being clumsy as I am I ordered the wrong size.Then I remembered Daiso sells some Neo magnets but turned out its a hair(several hundreds hair) to big.After that I made sure I read the magnet datasheet prior clicking add for the second time.

Magnets arrived but I was busy.As I checked its the correct size.At least I won't be bothered by it not being on hand while doing something else.A guitar tech mind is like that,he thinks about all the incoming gears but only has two hands to do at a time.Speaking for myself of course.

Come installing time I regretted not checking the polarity of the stock magnets,double clumsy here.hehe hence I had to use common sense with the help of Stewmac Polarity Tester.Nowadays with so many magnet size,shape and type everywhere,I think you could make one yourself.Maybe I'll make one too and share it here someday.2019 maybe?LOL

Placing the magnets in the hole was easy due to the pickup slug ferous content.Just have put it in the right polarity the first time.I thought of using glue to secure but the pull from these tiny buggers are effing strong.Furthermore it doesn't protrude like a staggered pole.You'd have to be a gorilla to make any of them spit out.A shredding gorilla of course! and this monkey can always reorder it of course!

I can't elaborate on the tone whether it has change or remain as it was before but since these pickups looks Chinese,I bet Ibanez gets their magnet from the same source as I did,I hope so.

I'll be covering more rant about this Ibanez SV5470 on a separate post.For now I'm left with 4 extra 5mmx5mm Neo Mag.Not worry about it.I have a good use for it in the pipeline.Be sharing that too,soon I hope.Oh ya,looking at the positive side,I'm glad the pickup accident happen or else I wouldn't know about this new pickup design ever.So thumbs up to me? Till then see me next time.

Sigh.Not even 500 words

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