28 April 2012

MXR Noise Clamp M195

Its another MXR pedal went faulty,this time it didn't took me long to detect the fault.Burnt diodes again.What up MXR?.Been to any electronic component boot sale lately??This company is a joke.You should put more effort in Component Quality now.
Joe public don't need expensive unreliable pedal.All he wants is for it function at his show.Do you want him to announce out loud "Hey everyone,don't buy MXR pedals cause they break easily".Haha
Hey,you've got another mail Jim.Its something for you to ponder about?


Ijau D. Koceng said...

even cheap behringer pedal(s) can withstand whooping 1700-2000mA adapter

but then everybody say "don't buy behringer"

YusTech said...

yup IDK,including me...hahha