12 September 2012

Jackson KE3 Skull

Pian just bought this second hand,its his first Floyd/Double Locking guitar so its normal to panic when the conventional tuning method made thing worse.It kind of remind me of my first experience with Floyd system.It took me 2 years to learn the balance of String vs Spring concept.

The other problem that I encounter on this KE3 was Trem arm jitters .It can be annoying and not to mention the sustain lost to the string vibration.I might say its normal for Jackson owner.My solution was Schaller Trem Arm Outfit.Pian was reluctant to change it cause he didn't trust me(I get that a lot.hehe).I told him to Google it and knew he would come back to me,and come back he did on the very next day with a lot more credible info.He thought he could teach this writer a thing or two about the subject.Haha..

Get the Schaller Trem for Floyd Rose #1269 at Stewmac

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Sorry for the pic quality,My hand shook when snapping.

Thank you and enjoy.