17 December 2014

Yamaha FG180

Hello readers,long time no post.Reason being,my laptop screens has blown and the cyber cafe near my workshop has close down.Resulting my absence on the world wide web e.g. facebook,blog etc.This post is courtesy of a friend laptop.Thank you friend for letting this happen.Come to think of it life without the internet is like life in the early 90's.We did survived somehow.Ha ha.

The guitar in this post suffered some sort of a neck bow(please ignore the used of concave in one of the photo,it should be bowed.). Its been that way for a long while according to its owner.I tried tightening the nut but stopped immediately when noticing its stiffness.Tightening that is no where similar to a fastener(bolt,nut etc) according to Tech Meister Dan Erlewine.Check out Stewmac youtube chanel for more.

A fingerboard change will cost a bomb and this writer hasn't the expertise to do it.My logical remedy was to try fretting it.Doing that enable me to shave off the high spot at the open position then doing the same opposite ends so it trues up to the center.I used 3 medium and long radius beam.A 16" to flattened the center,a 12" to tight up the sides and a 14" to bring it home.Shallow fret slots on highs and lows was expected then resolved.The fretwork was a success and the truss nut does less for applicable response.Straight as an arrow.One thing I didn't notice before this work was how good tone stewmac fret was.The note rings clear and full.The medium highest will be one of two permanent choices in my workshop.

Till next time,whenever that will be


Jengkemut said...

a warm welcome home bro.

metal brain asylum said...

lama tak baca bro punya tulisan. welcome back. \m/

Cikgu Aziz said...

Welcome back. Another great job. Did you have to remove the fingerboard inlays? Just curious.

YusTech said...

No I didn't cikgu,that would a high level of wood working aka lutherie exp.I just shave the fingerboard true straight prior fretwork.So far its holding well.

Cikgu Aziz said...

Thanks for answering my query. And yes, the fingerboard seems to be holding up well. The owner must be very happy.