12 November 2015

Ibanez RG752FX

At the beginning I wanted to post about a Strat that I setup but this one seems more beneficial for those who like to see the inside of one prestige.It was bought in Japan so I had good assumption about its gut but instead its otherwise(In my honest opinion).I was also not sure whether this applies to all 7 strings prestige or only for Japan market.I don't envy the Japanese domestic offerrings now.Haha.

Nothing wrong about choosing Alpha but what's wrong with the local Alps or Gotoh pots?Maybe Alpha has understood the guitar pots tapering factor?Might be so,I don't know.The current Hoshino business model is certainly different from before.They must be hiring good bunch of Ivy league degree holders(that don't play guitar's/bass's/drum's) in the marketing department.What's in it isn't important as the outside.Especially if you don't play with pots to much right?No more VLX91,Alps,Noble?

Maybe your data showed they're aren't that reliable as I thought they were.Well good then.It will sell well like the others.What do I know.I'm an old school guitar player.

But I can't avoid to reveal its nothing far from otherwise in the old Ibanez's.

Currently setting up a 20+ year old Ibanez 540P with a still working volume pot.

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Ijau D. Koceng said...

routing/cavity nampak lebih kurang mcm Indonesian standard RG