13 November 2015

Thanks a lot bro,my pickup fell inside!

Hello readers,

In this tech tips I'll be writing about a botched mod that many of us do/done/did to our guitars.Its about the pickups.It may came with the guitar but with the wrong screws attached to it(almost always),a pickup(s) may have been bought second hand as it is without the correct screws(always the case).

For humbucker its less of a problem mainly due to the bracket is made using ferrous materials(brass,soft metals. etc.).For missing screws (3-48 thread) cases I would most likely and depending on the holes size resort to either M2,M2.5 or what I feel would fit right and tight.I know its very wrong but living in a Metric standard country its near to impossible to get those American thread sizes screws.So far there's never any complaint file against me(well none that I'm aware of,I bet there's many in Facebook.hehe).

The single coil is a different story,the base plate are mostly made of a paper/fiber like material.The mounting holes are larger for coarse threads
or enlarge to fit the below as last hope.

I've seen this a lot and shame to confess,I too am guilty at doing it in the past but as you aged,you mind changes.You need to rectify it like it should be.It also help when the client thinking about buying another used pickup(without the screws) later.

The pickup in this post has adjustment issue.One hole seem larger than the other making the new 6-32's screw fail to grab it.I thought about putting a hex nut there but I'm sure it'll move.Looking at the bunch of blackened nail polisher I have laying around,I thought I use its inner plastic.The semi round looked fitting with a bit of trimming and superglue.What would the next tech think about my diy fix?not so bad I hope. Hehe

Adjustable but non negotiable


Ijau D. Koceng said...

+1 nail polisher

YusTech said...

cheap but work

Cikgu Aziz said...

Another idea for me to borrow. Thanks ..

YusTech said...

You're very welcome Cikgu.