14 September 2016

One upping the Ibanez Edge Zero and ZR bridge by 6 fold.

Hello readers

Its been 9 month since my last post and for that I owe many of you a very big apology for my absent in Cyber space.Reason being I've been busy as we all are.During that time I took a chuck of the time learning new stuff and techniques in the net and facebook.Most of it are still beyond my ability but surfice to say it'll come in handy one day.For now I saved all of it in my mind and hard disk.Haha

As the title goes and as some of you have known I have a love and hate perspective towards Ibanez guitars or shall I say towards Hoshino itself.I mean whatever you see or saw in any Ibanez products old or new are what was decided by Hoshino.That's a fact.

I suspect there's an power struggle going on between the lutherie camp(is there a thing?) and the financial camp(there is a thing!) within Hoshino itself.

Before I go much further let me explain what is the Lutherie Camp.For start they are an an influential camp that understood guitars and its mechanics.Finding its flaws,redesigning it and offering the improvement to guitar/bass player out there.Though I come to know that Ibanez don't have their own manufactring facility but at least this camp knew what they want and knows someone who has the know how to do it for them.I speaking about Fujigen Gakki of course."Here's the drawing and specs,don't call us,do it right and we'll call you". It was no doubt a very smart decision.  "Anything but traditional"

What about the Finance Camp? Simple,take more and give less."New ideas for todays idiots" ops I meant to say musicians.They're the ones who are responsible for Edge III and STD DL not to mention the thinned powder coating on all post 2003 trems system that's susceptible to pitting and wear.

In my theory Hoshino was lead by the lutherie camp from the beginning of time all the way through the 90's.As a player you could sense the right people was streering Hoshino by the trems that was on their guitars(Lo Pro Edge,Edge etc.).What came after has been written by me in previous post.

So off to the tips shall we.Alright first of I thought I posted this tech tip 4 years ago until my x student(S320 with ZR bridge) and his friend(RG550 with Edge Zero bridge) came for a setup.How indeed I've become forgetful about this...haha...well anyway not wanting to take out that Ibanez's intonating tool on the bridge itself I opt to add 6 set screws there permanently in place hence one upping its improvement by 6 times.By that I mean 6 times the speed,the pleasure and the ease.It's merely by common sense and sooner or later someone's gonna put it there anyway.I'm just confirming that it can be done.So locktite the default tool and head to the local or online fastener store.

One more tip.Once you're set with the intonation procedure,tighten the saddle moving cap screws.Loosen all the new intonation set screws and have them all snugg but not TIGHT!

So I hope this post would forgive my hiatus.If you have any question about this tech tip,pop it in the comment.Unfortunately the spelling checker not doing its thing so forgive any spelling errors.
Until next time thank you and goodbye.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

any tips for gotoh GE1996T trem system?

YusTech said...

Not any that I'm aware of.If there is/are,It will be similar to what's done to a Floyd Rose™.