18 December 2017

The double locking tremolo two points

The previous Floyd Rose Special post has attracted me to the two spot at the double locking system. I never gave it any thought before until I looked at several trem design in the net.

These two points are very important as they get abuse the most aside from the tremolo profile, proper weight distribution, ergonomic use and setup.

Currently there's two contact style I dug from the net.

They are

  1. Discrete metal style.
I supposed a couple of hardened and annealed steel/titanium bits/billets are impregnated/inserted/pressed into the base plate. Another type of Brass/Zinc/whatever soft metal is use for the base plate to retain the historical correct tone.

  1. One metal do all style
The whole base plate might receive a hardening and annealing process or just the 2 fulcrum point partially hardened.

Personal experience. I can say I have seen both style from a couple of brand surpassing 15 years of good service. However I have 

some questions about the Discrete metal style

Should the blade edge broke then a replacement set is available? Yes/No?

If no then will the base plate available for replacement instead? yes/no?

The detachable screw on knife edge on Hantug trem gave assumption that replacement are available? Yes/No?

Is the metal treatment technology still lacking that this is still considered the best way? Yes/No?

some questions about One metal do all.

Is it possible to hardened soft metal e.g.brass,brass etc to be as strong as hardened steel? Yes/No?

Will it last more than 15 years too? Yes/No?

The Floyd Rose Titanium was launch 7 years ago but I noticed the Titanium base plate is already available for sale to the public.

Is Titanium so strong yet brittle in  nature? Will those knife edges deform within 5 years or under 10 years of service? Yes/No

I didn't see Floyd Special base plate available. I'm guessing its stronger than Titanium? Yes/No?

Has metal treatment technology advanced that this is considered the best way? Yes/No?

Thank you


Ijau D. Koceng said...

i saw some jokes/memes on the web about adamantium coated guitar strings (trolling/parodying on EB paradigm's unbreakable hype, i guess)

patut sadur trem's edge dengan adamantium jugak lepas ni hahaha~

YusTech said...

Indeed Ernie Ball has been ADAMANT about their string/packaging flaw for 20 over years now. Its Ernie Ball paradigm way.He he.

Adamantium = sounds like a made up Ernie Ball BS. I think it's some sort of a brain disease. Only applies to Ernie Ball. LOL