19 Aug 2011

Its about Jack

Yes,Its about the cable jack that we accidentally broke while pulling it out from guitars,basses etc..I have found many player tend to pull it from the cable instead of gripping the jack(Me included)..Maybe its normal habit that we can't cure?I don't know.

I have soldered more jacks than I can remember and have found the cheap quality cables today comes with fragile jacks.I must say its a big returning business for music shops and cable makers.

Dear players,you would spend RM300 to RM30000 to buy a guitar,bass,etc.but when it comes to cable "I just need something cheap and functional,this RM25 one will do"

Well what can I say some people are cheap and like to bother the busy guitar tech for some soldering help.But I have tell you your cheap jack may not survive a 2nd or 3rd visit to the soldering iron.

The solution?Use Switchcraft jack.Put/Install/Solder it to your cable,this jack is built tough and will survive many visit to the soldering iron.Stop buying,breaking and throwing away a lot of cheap guitar cables unless you want the price of copper to go up.

Email Reply From Switchcraft UK office.

Dear Yus

Thank you for your enquiry and for promoting our jack plugs – we agree with you, it’s best to spend a little more on a good quality plug to ensure long product life and a good, reliable connections!

Best regards

Stephen Waldron

Director of International Sales

Switchcraft, Inc.

16, Challenge Enterprise Centre

Sharps Close


United Kingdom



bluesguy62 said...

Agreed. Switcraft jacks are indeed durable. I have a few straight and angled ones from the '90s that have been soldered, unsoldered and re-soldered again and again ... and are still as solid as ever. By the way, Whilwind Leader jacks aren't too bad either.

YusTech said...

Whirlwind! a name I haven't heard in long time.Yup they make high quality acc.

Cikgu Aziz said...

Pardon the typo. Whirlwind are about as solid as jacks get. Used to be available at Bentley in the '90s. Have even spotted a few cheapo clones on sale around electronics shops here. Oh yes, Canare cables are also good for increased tonal clarity.

YusTech said...

Canare is Japanese answer to American Belden.Thumbs up for both company

Cikgu Aziz said...

Thanks for the info. I thought that Canare was an American Company.