12 December 2018

Fender Squier STRAT

I just hate it when I couldn't find catalog scans of the gear I'm repairing. Don't you? At least we could know more about it than just a STRAT.

So what can I tell you about this Squier? Nothing officially from the Fender/Squier mothership of course. There for I'm going to tell it as I see fit. My slander below.
It was made in mid 90's. Its never meant to be featured in Fender Squier official catalog cause they think its ugly. What some us of got from the store is this instead the one seen in the brochure. Nevertheless people just bought it anyway because at the time I believe I was not the only one who thought all strats are the same, the only difference is the color. Who would question that incomplete STRAT decal when the Squier stamp is there on the headstock. Those who did read the brochure would have a good clear conscious when making the decision.
This Strat came in for a setup with some substantial parts upgrade. Before we get to that, some initial impression. The guitar has light household dirt.
The wrong pots and cap was purposely installed for it not to sound like a strat. I'm highly curious about the 5 way selector. Its is the only component that grabbed my attention after diassembly. I almost thought it is a Schaller 105SF (old version) but no. Could a company in China had successfully copied the Germans switch? in the 90's? but by whose directive? Hmmm. I believe there's more black operation parts copying going on in China than just a 5 way switch. Don't worry my German readers. I have high respect of your country. You're still a nation of great engineering. The copiers and fakers will always be two steps behind.
Coming back to the guitar, I recommended parts upgrade in order to correct the wrong done by default. I suggested one pickup change for the bridge position to give it enhanced versatility. There's only one brand and model I know that could do the job. Seymour Duncan JB Jr. Although the pots were changed to CTS 250K, the SD do not mind it and its sonic still cuts through the amp. I do not know how someone else would configure the pots to match SSH style but this is how I do it. You'd get correct single coil tone from the Neck and Middle pickup(which was my intention) while not compromising the SD that much.
 One of the CTS pot was spot on at 249Kohm (very rare) while the other two hovered around 199K (almost always). It quiet obvious what will be task where in the control loop. Two more addition are 22nF Poly cap and mandatory Switchcrat of course. Does is sounds like strat now? Close enough, Job done. Someone please tell me what's the exact model.

Thank you