18 May 2017

Skull String flaw alert?

Hello readers

Guitar restringing process,the string is a new brand.Made in France. Didn't know the french could manufacture strings.It should be pretty simple like all other strings.I been stringing guitars with many brands like Elixir,Daadario,Ernie Ball,Cleartone,Rotosound,Curt Mangan,Kerly Quest and many more I couldn't remember.
For Double Locking Trem I cut it either at the ball end or the other end.It doesn't really matter actually because the diameter or gauge is the same all the way.
After the process is done come tuning time and setup.Suddenly I'm hearing funny dampened tone from the Low E and A string.My thought could be the pickup height so I lowered it.Bad tones still there on both strings only,the rest are fine.
Looking close at the E and A winding seems abnormal as the outside wound should be cover the core tight not stretch.
I looked for instruction on the pack telling consumer to cut at the ball end only but none was found.
I believe this Skull String was flawed from the factory.If you're installing this on a double locking trem be aware at where you cut it.

My thoughts,

Skull string should've wind it tight from start to end of the string.Don't take it out of the machine until the winding process is finish.This could be a propriety technique from Skull itself  but all the brands I've dealt so far don't have this winding flaw hence not seeing another pack of Skull in my workshop it's not a loss.Not a loss at all.Who the fuck are Skull String for me to care about.Last but not least,get your spelling right,Is it Areef not Areet?

Thank you


Ijau D. Koceng said...

ok, yang ni lebih menyedihkan daripada string baru tapi berkarat

YusTech said...

Betul juga,sekurang string berbelang masih boleh menghasil tone betul.