28 December 2012

Blackstar HT-Dual

 Finally a faulty Blackstar pedal on my bench.The grouse was the LED's were blinking abnormaly.The fault was a spoiled power regulator.Due to that it was uanble to initialize.
Built wise its bigger than I thought,tough and yet elegant.Looking from the front,I wonder whether changing the Tube will be that easy.No time to find out,on to the Net for the schematics.
I didn't use glove's when repairing it.Burn fingers and eletrocuted was part of the program.

1 comment:

ariffdude said...

One heck of an awesome pedal. I'm targetting for this one next.

I read somewhere that changing the tube is pretty straight forward. You can unscrew the grill and take the tube out just like that.