28 December 2012

Blackstar HT-Dual

 Finally a faulty Blackstar pedal on my bench.The grouse was the LED's were blinking abnormaly.The fault was a spoiled power regulator.Due to that it was uanble to initialize.
Built wise its bigger than I thought,tough and yet elegant.Looking from the front,I wonder whether changing the Tube will be that easy.No time to find out,on to the Net for the schematics.
I didn't use glove's when repairing it.Burn fingers and eletrocuted was part of the program.


ariffdude said...

One heck of an awesome pedal. I'm targetting for this one next.

I read somewhere that changing the tube is pretty straight forward. You can unscrew the grill and take the tube out just like that.

Billy Mcknight said...

I've just got a faulty one seller had no idea abiut the fault he picked it up not working can't complain though £5 With the adaptor

Did you ever get the schematic

YusTech said...

Hi Bill,

I saw something online that looks like a close to a legit schematic 6 years ago. I did saved it but I don't know whether I still have it. I had changed 2 pc since. I suggest you check the regulator ICs'(Three leg) in and out voltages. Touch with finger if any of the IC DIL 8 pin to see whether its abnormally hot. I believe one of the DIL 8 pin IC (IC5) is also some sort of a regulator.

I hope I have been much help.Thank you for visiting this blog.

LvHongkun said...

Hi friend,I have got the same problem,the LEDS flashing on an on,so how you deal with it?Was it come to life? My Email is 2541509433@qq.com Need for your help ,thanks very much.

YusTech said...

Hi LvHongkun, here's what you do to fix it. When asking for help, it is you that should be doing the email. Not the other way round.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope that helps.