18 December 2015

Fender Rumble 100

Fender again? Yes but this time an amp.Its the Rumble 100.Though it isn't heavy,for the safety of this writer's back,it didn't get a full frontal snap on my bench.You know how it is as we age,things weighs more than it used to be.As intro,Google image would just have to do.Hehe.One thing that I'm glad is it has wheels.Making the head dis assembly easy with pushing and turning it around.

Speaking of dis assembly,the owner informed me that he's going to bring just the head for me to check.He end up bringing the whole thing as how I suggested to him over the phone.He told me he'd unscrew all six possible screws that was attach but it still won't come out,That was the reason he brought it in,not because of my suggestion.I told him not to worry while pointing to something on the amp's back.See this "Refer servicing to qualified personnel only".I'm that guy so you've come to the right place.

So he left with a console feeling but little did he know that the printing on the back wasn't referring to me.Haha.

So I done what he did,took off all 6 screws,pushing hard by hand but the head unit still wouldn't budge.I look at the amp for about 10 minutes,rubbing around by hand trying to feel where those hidden screws are.Like playing hide and seek.I even took off the front grill.No indication of any screws behind it.Mmmm..could they be at the handle? They couldn't have put them there.Those method are are for small practice amps.Well,nobody's here except me so at least I will be spared the humiliation of being wrong. I've been wrong about so many things before so what's one more to add to my repertoire.

Bingo!So they did put it up there.As soon as the handle's off,so were the head unit.I felt like I've become a qualified personnel already.Is this one of those test they do to their qualified personnel in Corona?Find the screw up on the amp?If so,Did I pass? Hehe.

The broken pots were replace with generics of the same value but it didn't have the detent like the stock did.From now on who ever that's playing this amp would have to set the EQ's with ears not eyes.Which is always better.I think.

The amp built and design is good too.The preamp pcb at front while the power amp and DC supply in a consolidated PCB at the back.Making it easy to figure out what goes where,how and why.

Come collection time the owner did asked me how I'd took it out.I told him "It is our sworn promise as qualified personnel not to divulge our trade secrets".He was happy with the amp and we said goodbye.Who knows,one day he might stumble upon this entry.
The end.

Qualified Personnel?


Ijau D. Koceng said...

heheh trade secrets eh? btw, amp orange pun sama macam ni, skru kat handle sebahagian daripada skru head to body

subversion.sg said...

Qualified & successful :-)

YusTech said...

Kind words Bro Sub.Much inspired.

Cikgu Aziz said...

Very entertaining, informative and detailed writeup. Thanks for sharing.

Cikgu Aziz said...

Very entertaining, informative and detailed writeup. Thanks for sharing.