17 December 2015

Fender TL-50

A minor and major work here,the usual setup(minor) and a little electronics work(major).The owner reported the bridge pickup ceased work after several months of acquisition.

Personally,this is an odd anomaly especially when knowing that this one is an MIJ and not from Wan Hung Low factory in China.

The owner was eager about my pickup suggestion but since the pickup was dead,I thought I give it a shot before giving any.The wires look intact at the flat work solder points.As I was unwinding the coil I kept asking myself how could this have happen.After several rounds of unwinding,I found the spots(more than 1 broken coil).The spot where it broke were suspiciously unexpected to say the least.Its dead center facing the saddles.I managed to resolder it to the flatwork.Its alive again.The DC Resistance showed 5.3kOhms.I don't know what the default reading should be but I'm guessing the broken coil deducted didn't leave much of an impact.The pickup change topic was put to end and the client money was saved from the ASS(Accessory Spending Syndrome)

The owner has a set of used Dimarzio 250k pots so in those went.As I was restringing it I began to suspect the posible cause for the pickup immature death.Pushing the strings through the bridge may have lead it to poke the pickup coil itself,the amount of pickup tape covering were lesser than 3 wraps to stop any string poking/penetration that might happened.I bet that happened more than once before it gave up the ghost.

So if your Tele pickup is like this,you might want to go slow and careful pushing the string through the saddles just until its passes over it(bridge pickup) or you might not be lucky as this Tele owner.Just saying.

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Cikgu Aziz said...

Love this writeup, especially the closeup pics and useful tips/advice. Thanks for sharing.

YusTech said...

My pleasure ckigu

Ceqyan Zharif said...

If I want to refret my strat, how much?

YusTech said...

My current rate is between RM450-550.finish time varies to workshop schedule.
Thank you for visiting my blog.