Q and A

Part 1

Q:Who are you?
A:Click HOME.

Q:What do yo do?
A:Click HOME also.

Q:What inspired you to be in this field(Electronics)?
A:The first time I saw a Multimeter and a Resistor.Haha.

Q:How did you get into this(Teaching and Repairs)?
A:Fate I guess,Haha.well looking back I never thought I would be a guitar tech and teacher.I  wanted to be a person that do stuff with component and all..Something like that.

Q:You were a HiFi Tech before,tell me more about that.
A:In 1992 I worked for a Japanese Consumer Electronic Co.Servicing and repairing mostly HiFi,Mini Compo's,Turntable etc, Later in 1996 I worked for another company doing the same job.From 1999 I worked for a music shop.I did repairs plus teaching music.That lasted about 11years.

Q:What were those companies you worked for?
A:Mmm..It start with a S and no it's not SONY, the other one brought in the Marantz CD Player.The music shop is a shop that sells musical instruments.You know guitar and all.

Q:I know what a music shop is.I 'm not stupid you know.You're sure a secretive one aren't you.
A:Well they don't pay,so I don't say.Haha

Q: I know there's a few Guitar Tech out there that does fantastic work on guitars and basses,What's your specialty?
A:Nothing special really,as a guitar tech you should have proper tools,playing ability and some experiences to help you.I could say,because I teach, I am able to hear what should sound right musically.,how to solve it and what to recommend my client.All within reason of course.

Q:What do you mean "Within Reason",are there things you can't do?
A:Hey!I'm human too..Haha..A lot..but mostly its about string instrument issues.That's a long chat for another day.

Q:Do you have a special technique of doing things?some magic perhaps?
A:Haha..I don't have a hermit that sprinkle's magic dust all over your guitar under the shine of moonlight.Others may have it.Haha..Anyway I don't believe in magic.Its all just physic.As I said earlier its Tools,Ability and Experience.

Q:You must have excellent ears then?
A:I don't really have dog ears,just fairly normal hearing like everyone else.I couldn't imagine those who could hear the difference between a cheap knobs on a real Strat and an original ones.I think I won't enjoy playing anymore after that.Haha.

Q:What's you take on Handmade versus Machine made?Guitars and Basses that is.
A:Could you clarify the question.I want to know where you're going with this.

Q:You know some say like in the 50's and 60's guitars were handmade from scratch and how they're better and all.
A:I see,In my opinion guitars and basses manufacturing still requires handwork in some stage of the process.

Q:Oh.come on,you gotta do batter than that.Is that a yes or a no?which is better?Handmade or Machine Made?
A:Before I give my honest take on it,Earlier in our life when we could pickup a pen or a pencil and draw a straight line.Could we draw the same exact straight line as before or the next?

Q:I guess not.You had to use a ruler.
A:Exactly.I give you another one,If you wanted to have a house built,do you give your ideas to a painter or an architect that has that CAD design etc?By the way I have nothing against painter but just for the sake of argument.

Q:The latter I guess cause he could draw it virtually with exact measurement and all.
A:What does CAD and the ruler have in common?

Q:They're tools?

A:So you need tools for guitars and basses.Be it making it or repairing it,to make sure it comes out precisely as it should be.Hand and brain must work with tools.would you want your guitar headstock to be slightly bigger or smaller than what's on the catalog?The only  thing that I could think of right now which is 100% handmade is pottery,but than again I could be wrong about that.Haha

Q:Wow!short answer(Yawn).Are all your customer satisfied with your work?
A:Most do,a few don't.

Q:Why?could you elaborate?
A:Sure,take the string height for example,I normally set it to 1/16 at a certain fret cause I like it.I found most of my client prefer it too.But you have to into account the Playing style,Radius,Neck Relief,Nut and Fret wear.I may increase or decrease it a bit.Its a case by case thing,just like human's are,we are all the same but still different in every way.

Q:Say I have 7.25" Radius guitar,could you make super low like your Jackson?
A:Certainly yes and no.Yes if you only going to just play chords,No you will not get a clean bend notes at the upper register.the note will fret out.See in your case you can't have both.Its just the way it is.Unless you know any Hermit that could do it for you.Haha.

to be edit and cont. Part 2